ryuukuhayate asked:

Who is your legit ships in the Blades?

My real ones? YOU WANNA KNOW MY SECRETS? Hmm… fine, since no one in the FC will really read this (Includes Allies). FOR THE RECORD: I don’t ship Armi with anyone, since she’s my main and I try not to be biased. 

Siben x M’wanthala - probably my biggest. 

Liadan x M’sato - I KNOW SHUT UP.

Liadan x Berklyn - thanks to events of last night. 

Stanzie x Siben - this one is fairly obvious, right?

Haru x X’havir - the crackiest crackship (I ship it for the lulz)

Dennthotta x Everyone

Isera x Cicero - the ship that will never be. 

Lum x Ellion - I know I say I don’t ship canon couples, but Lum and Ellion are far, far too cute not too. 

Ellion x Loki

Loki x M’sato

Aegis x The Mansion

Fyrhym x Stanzie. 

That’s all I can think of. I won’t go into detail about them unless someone asks me. Also you guys can ask me about specific “couples” too and I’ll give a long winded answer.