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So I’ve been dealing with this brand of crazy for a while.

Mine are the posts in parentheses.  There’s a whole damned story to go along with this I just don’t have the energy to type out right now, but thanks to Lottie, I might not be helping out with The Grindstone for the foreseeable future.  Sorry, folks.

Also, pardon the redacted bits.  That’s just some post-mortem stuff after Saturday’s Grindstone.

Update to this shit show.

First off, I’d like to say my experience with a majority of people (especially almost all of the competitors) involved in The Grindstone has been overwhelmingly positive.  Unfortunately, the environment at the top is such that I just can’t really feel comfortable sticking around and helping out anymore.

When I first started my friendship with Lottie, I found her a little “aggressive” but I didn’t think she was doing anything particularly wrong.  Later on, she became more aggressive with her romantic and sexual intentions.  I spent a period of several weeks trying to politely humour her aggressive advances while trying to tone them down and, during those weeks, fielding complaints about her behaviour and treatment of people (mostly competitors) involved in The Grindstone while I was leading the event.  These /tells you see here are the culmination of my trying to voice my discomfort with her treatment and, honestly, me just trying to hold the situation down until the event’s completely absent “leader” returned.

Unfortunately, upon that leader’s return, I was met with accusations and disciplinary actions (removal of my LS leader privileges) resultant from those accusations.  Of course, because they were foundless, I had no way to defend myself from them because I couldn’t provide proof against something that plainly did not happen.

I wouldn’t usually be this public about this kind of thing but, honestly, Lottie has sexually harassed me and at least one other man I know.  To my knowledge, she is still a member of The Grindstone and, as far as I know, has received no disciplinary action for her treatment of event attendees and leaders.

Truth be told, I don’t really feel comfortable in Balmung’s community right now.  I don’t know what she’s telling people, I don’t know what other people are hearing about me.  I have enjoyed my experience with this server’s community, but I know how RP communities are, they are small, incestuous things, and I genuinely worry about anyone believing anything she has to say about me.

To any Grindstone combatants who see this, I’d like to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed running the event for you guys.  It was a fun and rewarding experience and I’m genuinely sorry to be forced to take my leave from it.  Thank you all so much for the fun times you’ve given me, and know that if you continue to participate, there are certainly no hard feelings from me!

Oh I have some stories about Lottie from a very good friend of mine, you are not alone my friend. You are not alone.

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