Most of my friends are of the opposite sex (Though I do have female friends!) and I think this video really hits on the most important thing. You can be, and probably are in some way, attracted to someone you’re close to of the opposite sex (assuming your straight, obviously) but it’s a conscious choice to not act on it. That you understand the value of the friendship far outweighs wanting put your dick in that. 

I think it’s something a lot of people avoid talking about, being attracted to the person you’re close to in a platonic way, because it makes you seem weak somehow. But it’s natural, really. And, honestly, it’s really really easy to just make a choice to not want to ruin the friendship. 

So many people don’t understand that. Yes hormones exist, but we are adults. We can control them.

Make friends with E’rybody.


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Music flowed through the air of the large space as Xhav came through the door. The sounds of the piano hung melancholy and his ears twitched, turning and listening to the minor cords being played. He thought he knew the song, it was one of loss and loneliness, usually played on a stringed instrument while a bard wove the tale it accompanied.

But today it was played alone, no words to give weight to the notes but oddly enough, unneeded by the woman at the piano.

X’havir approached the bench from behind and looked at the woman’s head bent over the keys, her red hair a loose curtain around her shoulders. She played carefully as someone learning typically did but the feeling in the notes was heavy. He waited and soon the song finished, the final notes lingering gently as she lifted her fingers and sighed.

"Armi…" He spoke her name gently so as not to startle her, he had been a horrible friend recently, him avoiding and her hiding meant he hadn’t spoken to her except in passing the night of that strange potions thing.

And she had almost died and he couldn’t bear to visit, seeing her face..he was a coward.

She looked up surprised, turning her head and she smiled at him in a way that didn’t reach her eyes. “Havir! You surprised me.” She turned on the bench to face him, fingers trailing lightly over the keys. “I was practicing.”

He sat beside her on the bench, curling his tail around himself. “Sad song to practice.”

Her eyes looked back at the keys. “I haven’t..I mean, I wanted to try it. I’ve only done it on guitar before.” She looked so unhappy; sadness and longing and everything else evident in that one sentence.

He put an arm around her waist and hugged her close, turning his head to kiss her temple.

"I’m sorry…" He murmured and she looked at him in surprise.

"Why are you sorry Havir?" Her cheeks flushed slightly, he assumed from the kiss but his apology distracted her and she didn’t run away. "You have nothing to be sorry for."

He smiled at her then, genuinely and wiggled his ears for her. “Nevermind. Would you play for me again? Something relaxing and sweet?”

This time her smile was real, mimicking his own. “Of course!”

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♗ for a tip for getting my muses romantic affection


Joke answer: Are you Miqote, blonde, rub your ear when you’re nervous,  and have green eyes? Boom.

REAL ANSWER: This is actually really hard to answer! Armi was designed to not fall for people easily, taking months at a time just to sort out her feelings. This was an intentional design on my part, as people who wanted just to Romance RP would move along quickly because they would get bored with her. I personally don’t really want RPers who move to fast into the romance thing hovering around my characters, since that’s all a lot of RPers are interested in. That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy Romance RP, I do!, I just make sure it’s not the person’s primary goal. 

Armi attaches herself to people quite easily, since she wants friends and she genuinely wants to help when she can. Actual attraction… hm. She can see people as attractive or handsome, but it’s more of an observation than it is a physical attraction. I’d say… something has to happen ICly that forces her to see someone in a different light. She needs to see someone as brilliant — a light in the darkness — something completely blinding to her.

For example -

For Sindl, it was the when they talked and they just ended up innately understanding each other. The air was cleared and it became obvious to her that he got her. She got him. And that was just a thing. That realization led her down a path where that understanding, where alone there was no need for explanation since they already understood, turned into attraction. Sindl was amazingly brilliant to her, right from the moment they met. He was able to charm anyone, get them on his side. The way people talk about him now, she wonders if he manipulated her the way people say he manipulates people now. She doesn’t want to believe it, but it’s Armi so of course she does.  

For M’sato, The path to this actually happened quickly, though it took 3 months to go anywhere. M’sato was kind of a jerk (Still is) but when she actually tried to help him he could be charming. He joked with her and messed with her, and when Sindl broke up with her he was there to help her pick up those pieces. That night, he built her a pillow fort in the Mist HQ. They gave it a name, he told her nothing scary could ever get her in there. That memory, despite the fact he didn’t understand her at all, is one of her most cherished. It was that memory that made her believe that M’sato was more than he let on. Something brilliant underneath the rubble. She tried to help him bring it out. she tried to help him do a lot of things. And every time she saw it, just small glimpses as he spiraled into depression, she fell a little harder and a little harder and a little harder, until it was a full blown thing she just couldn’t control.

Brilliance. She is attracted to Brilliance. 

Also, guys who aren’t very passive. Since she’s fairly passive herself guys kind of need to take charge with her or nothing will ever happen ever.